Thursday, June 11, 2015

Christ Has Promised Us An Advocate

Christ was sent by God to accomplish an extremely critical mission. The main purpose of that mission was to create a way through which humanity can be brought back to God and inherit eternal life. Glory to God, it was a mission that was fulfilled successfully and victoriously when He willingly gave His life and came back to life after three days.

With that being said, there’s another vital work that must be carried out in the life of those who have accepted Him as their personal Savior and Lord. And it’s an ongoing life-changing transformation that must be transpired. It’s the very transformation that will show plainly both the transformative and regenerating power of Christ’s death on people’s lives (2 Corinthians 5:17).

The main reason is that it’s the very element that will demonstrate the awesome transformative and regenerating power of the Lord’s death on people’s lives (2 Corinthians 5:17). That’s exactly why God sent the Holy Spirit to come to indwell those who believe in His only Son. His job is to empower us, so that we can be fruitful for the glory of God and become who God wants us to be in Christ.

Before Christ ascended to heaven, He had a conversation with His disciples regarding someone who will be sent by God in order to help them. He said to them, God will send you another advocate (John 14:16).

So the term “another” means someone who’ll be just like Him. Someone who will be as caring, supportive, loving, compassionate, and protective as He has always been to them. He spoke about different roles that person will play in their lives such as leading them into all truth, reminding them of everything He said, and teaching and helping them to understand the Word of God.

The Holy Spirit is sent to constantly remind us of who we are in Christ. He’s the One who testifies with our own spirit that we’re children of the most high God (Romans 8:16), which is indicative to how precious we’re to God. He’s the One who helps us to remain faithful to both God and His Word in the midst of trials.

He’s the One who helps us endure temptation. After everything that we've learned about the Holy Spirit, it’s time that we depend up on Him completely, so that He can successfully carry out what He was sent to do in our lives. Lastly, the Christian life is based entirely on the kind of refining work He’s constantly bringing forth into our lives. See Christian marriage.

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