Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Trinity Provides All Your Needs

Many people across the globe who are not true believers in Jesus Christ present the argument that all religions and belief systems are the same, including Christianity. They object to any creed, stating that religion has started conflicts of every kind, including major wars. Yet, Communism, which espouses no belief in any kind of deity, is responsible for numerous deaths since its inception.

People who support an ecumenical movement will say that Christianity is nothing unique, and the reason for that is because Christians worship the same God. Muslims will use this claim to present their religion to those who may not know a whole lot about religion in general. They will say things such as they worship the God of Jacob, Isaac and Abraham, and that means that they worship the God that Christians and Jews worship. This is the basis that they will sometimes use to call for interfaith services.

If groups were honest, then they would be clear about a distinction that makes Christianity stand out from all else. This distinction is that Christianity is the only religion that teaches trinity, a biblical doctrine. It is clearly revealed that the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost are three distinct individuals, but they are all God.

Therefore, proponents of belief systems other than Christianity cannot say that all religions have honest common ground on which they can believe and function together. Furthermore, as the world's religions really are very diverse in what they believe, and distinctively, only Christians say God is triune (i.e. He functions within a 3-person Trinity), then people will proselytize. In other words, if they are honest followers of their own creeds, they cannot help but try to persuade others to believe what they believe.

Remember, Paul often began and ended his epistles referencing the power and grace of God. Paul closes out II Corinthians 13:14 by saying that God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost will be with them in order to sustain them during their times of trial and tribulation. However, it is worth noting that Paul did call attention to people who belonged to the most carnal church that they would be taken care of by three individuals, distinct individuals at that.

However, people need not to make the mistake of thinking that Christianity is just like any other religion out there. You need to remember that one of our most important foundations is a doctrine, and this doctrine cannot be explained to the full extent. Even though the doctrine cannot be fully explained, it is completely true. You should keep in mind that the trinity is what really makes Christianity stand out.

The doctrine of the Trinity seems to be the most highly debated issue in the church. It’s pretty obvious the human mind can not comprehend that. But, there are strong evidences throughout the word of God that support that. Each individual is identified as God, while we are told there is only one God. Since, the word of God is true as believer in Christ we have the sole responsibility to accept it as it is because we are God’s representatives in this world.

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